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                      1. 聯系我們

                        Pit cleaning
                        Determine the excavation location of the pit, after milling or cutting around, clean up the gravel and waste residue in and around the pit to be repaired. No slurry, ice and other debris can be stored in the pit. The repaired pit should be trimmed neatly, and the removal of waste residue should see solid surface.
                        Brushing Interface Agent
                        在清理好的坑槽四周及底部刷涂界面劑,尤其檢查井鋼模具 隔離墩模具 隔離墩鋼模具 流水槽模具 U型槽模具 螺桿啟閉機 卷揚式啟閉機 銅雕佛像 是坑槽四周要涂刷均勻。這樣新舊料粘合效果會更好。如果瀝青路面坑槽修補,清理干凈也可也不涂刷,根據實地情況而定。
                        Brush the interface agent around and at the bottom of the cleared pit, especially around the pit. In this way, the bonding effect of new and old materials will be better. If the pit of asphalt pavement is repaired, it can be cleaned and not painted, depending on the actual situation.
                        Filling pit with cold filling material
                        If the depth of pavement groove is greater than 7 cm, it should be filled in layers and compacted layer by layer, with 3-4 cm per layer.


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